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Business Listing Management

As an SEO consultant, we manage your business listing for 70 different environments. Search engine marketing for Google, Yahoo, and Bing look for cohesion across business listings to validate credentials. Having this service enabled helps your web presence and SEO climb the ranks. Want to see how your listing compares to the competition? Check out this free listing scan Click Here

Call Tracking

Incorporating a call tracker into our platform that allows you to monitor all calls coming into your business. This includes the phone number, geographic location, time, date, the length of call as well as recording (with pre answer prompt). This is a great way to monitor leads across various channels. Setting up different numbers for online, paper ads and business listings allow you to monitor which marketing avenues are most effective for your business.

Concierge Level Service and Support

The primary feedback we get from all of our clients is simply confidence. Confidence in our abilities to manage every aspect of your web presence. More over our extensive knowledge and experience allows us to be a valuable resource of information. Questions that you never thought you would have, questions that you never knew you would need to ask all of those soft intangibles about internet marketing and web presence management that you may never knew existed are all things that our clients have found out matter.

Dedicated Hosting, Security & Encryption

Our platform utilizes dedicated hardware that we have developed to be extremely fast and responsive for your site. No shared environments here. We incorporate the latest technology utilizing Solid State Drives which are statistically much faster and more dependable than old Hard Disk Drives as well as the latest Intel Xeon Processors with unlimited bandwidth. Combine this with the Security & Encryption and you have a formidable advantage over your competition.

Project Management

For the initial stage of your project, we provide an itemized timeline of your entire project. We break down every area, assign team member and give you a realistic view of how, when and what is needed and being worked on in real time for the completion of your project. Provided through a login portal you can see the entire scope of your project. Message boards and messaging per task are all incorporated during your development stage. Email updates are provided to give you real time updates and access on exactly how your project is progressing.

SEO and Social Media Analytics

As a part of our platform, we provide a way for you to see all of your analytics through one “pane of glass” or login portal. Google search rankings, session analytics, phone call volumes, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn analytics, Facebook Ad & Google Adwords statistics, Site Audits & Backlinks can all be monitored real time. Monthly reports are compiled and automatically delivered.

Social Media Coaching

Social Media Coaching is critical for the next generation in web presence management. We identify areas of improvement for your current social media strategies. Whether you know nothing about social media or simply need a different perspective on increasing social media interaction. We provide continuous coaching, tips, tricks and support to help you achieve your goals.

Web Design & Graphic Design

As a part of our platform, we provide a way for you to see all of your analytics through one “pane of glass” or login portal. Google search rankings, session analytics, phone call volumes, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn analytics, Facebook Ad & Google Adwords statistics, Site Audits & Backlinks can all be monitored real time. Monthly reports are compiled and automatically delivered.

Dan and his company are amazing! He has done such a wonderful job working with me to get my website to be everything I want it to be! 🙂 His customer care is out of his world ? I highly recommend Dan and Guardian Designs!!!

Maria Clemens - Owner of MAC's Lash and Skin Studio

Guardian Designs has absolutely blown me away with the amount of passion and creativity that goes into their work. Stunning and beautiful, the design team and their CEO Dan, really pull out anything you can think of for your website!. Amazing job!

Dalton Jones - Owner at The Ocean Blue Store

Wonderful company. They did wonders for my SEO thanks again

Barry Arendt - Owner ThinkEZIT Solutions

Fantastic Company! Worked with them every step of the way and they made sure they provided us with exactly what we were looking for. They went the extra mile taking our company's concept and made a stellar platform. Highly recommended and advise everyone to give them a shot.

Geoffrey Bricker - COO of Hanover Hearing Center

Their reliability is like none other. Extremely pleasant and easy to work with. It's been a while since I've seen customer service like this.

Austin Gomez - Mechanical Design Engineer Co-op at Altec Industries

Guardian built me an incredible site for The Beatnik Brotherhood and even helped coordinate a collaboration with one of his other local clients to help me gain exposure!

Mike Porcenaluk - Owner of The Beatnik Brotherhood

I had photographs done of my bands first official show and it was fantastic. Very professional and a great value also! Would recommend to a friend!

Will Brandt - Lead Singer of My Final Confession

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